“Pediatrics” publishes articles aimed at improving healthcare for children and youth with special needs

The American Academy of Pediatrics published journal, “Pediatrics,” has published a series of articles aimed at improving healthcare for Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs (CYSHN). The pandemic has impacted public health, but this is one group that has experienced a significant problem with access to healthcare and related services (Brown et. al, 2022).

Below is the link for the series of articles unlocked by the American Academy of Pediatrics focusing on equity, quality of life, access to service, and financing, which are the four aspects the articles focus on (Brown et. al, 2022).


Brown, T.W., McLellan, S.E., Scott, J.A., Mann, M.Y. (2022). Introducing the

blueprint for change: A national framework for a system of services for children and youth with

special health care needs. Pediatrics June 2022; 149 (Supplement 7): e2021056150B. 1


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