Public Health Nursing

CPHNO is pleased to announce that Public Health Nursing is our official journal. We are hopeful that this partnership will facilitate scholarship, collaboration, and opportunities to strengthen public health nursing. This collaboration will facilitate the dissemination of information for translation across public health nursing practice, research and education domains. 


Special Issue of Public Health Nursing

To share learning about and from public health nurses around the world, PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING is working together with the Global Network of Public Health Nursing to prepare a special issue of the journal, published in Nov/Dec 2021. Manuscripts will be showcased at the 6th International Global Network’s Conference to be held in Osaka, Japan,  in January 2022.

The scope of the special issue will be the range of population-based concerns and interventions in which nurses are involved in any country. For more detailed information, click here

Please share with your global colleagues and those who focus on global health.

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