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The Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations (CPHNO) is excited to announce the launch of Stories from the Field, a blog on Public Health Nursing in the Time of COVID-19. The blog will harness the collective voices of public health nurses, mobilize them for rapid response to issues that impact health, and help us chronicle their amazing and vital work.

Help us elevate the voices of PHNs by sharing your stories, poems, songs, praises or other expressions for inclusion in the blog. Help us elevate the voices of PHNs. We invite you to share your stories for inclusion in the blog.  Our team will review your submission and contact you about any suggested edits, only when needed.  We will need your email but you can indicate if you prefer to be anonymous for the blog posting. 

Maybe you are wondering where to start or how to narrow your focus.  Consider the following questions to begin your story:

1.      How has COVID19 impacted you on a personal and professional level?  As an example many PHNs are volunteering in their communities.

2.      What are the barriers to practice that prevent the delivery of essential services?  In some states school nurses are employees of the state or local health department, streamlining the process when they need to deliver public health services (e.g. contract tracing).

3.      What inequities are exacerbated as a result of COVID19 in your community?  In many communities Blacks experience higher rates of COVID19 than other racial groups.  What strategies are being implemented in your community to address the disparities?

  If you are a nursing student in community/public health nursing course work, how has COVID19 effected your thinking about nursing and your future career?

4.      How are PHNs in your organization/community supporting each other?

5.      Are you engaged in COVID19 specific advocacy work?

6.      Have you had to devise a ‘work-around’ as part of the COVID19 response?

How has COVID 19 response provided training and teachable moments for you in practice and educational roles?

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

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