Assessing the Impact of the Population Health Movement on Nursing Curricula

The Association of Community Health Nursing Educators (ACHNE) Education Committee is conducting a project to assess the degree to which the Population Health movement has impacted all levels of nursing curricula and, more specifically, community/public health content and clinical. This project also meets the doctoral nursing student capstone requirements as determined by UIC College of Nursing. This project has been deemed IRB exempt by the University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Wisconsin Green-Bay, and the University of Kansas.  

To accomplish this, we ask you to participate in a 10 minute, 46-item online survey. Your participation is voluntary, and responses will not be associated with your name.  Upon completion of the data collection process, aggregate findings will be disseminated through a variety of means including publication and/or presentations at professional venues.  

Please feel free to forward the Survey to the appropriate faculty members at your institution.  

This study’s primary investigator is Hiba Abbas BSN, RN, or 502-554-8893 (office).   

Her faculty mentor and co-investigator is Dr. Krista Jones, Additional co-investigators are Dr. Christine Vandenhouten,, and Regina (Gina) H. Johnson,  

Thank you for considering participation in this study. You may contact the primary investigator with any technical assistance questions with the Survey.  

Thanking you for your time, effort, and consideration, 

ACHNE Education Committee  

Follow this link to the Survey: 

Take the Survey  

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