Call for Manuscripts – Public Health Nursing Special Issue: Global Public Health Nursing

The special issue’s aim is to share learning about and from public health nurses around the world. PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING is working together with the Global Network of Public Health Nursing to prepare a special issue of the journal, published in Nov/Dec 2021 Manuscripts will be showcased at the 6th International Global Network’s Conference to be held in Osaka, Japan,  in January 2022.

The scope of the special issue will be the range of population-based concerns and interventions in which nurses are involved in any country.

Articles include research studies, methodological techniques, program evaluations, practice concepts, and educational features published with the goal of replication and development. Papers also welcome that covering relevant theory, education, policy, and ethical and legal matters that stimulate discussion and public debate.

Topics welcomed for the special issue include:

Maternal child health
Nutrition for growth and development
Parenting and family support
Vulnerable groups
School health
Older person
health Lifestyle modification (stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise)
Infectious disease
Prevention and management
Non-communicable/chronic disease prevention and management
Community and population health
Healthy housing and environments
Public health nursing/health visiting service systems
Digital health

Manuscripts should include:

  1. How topic reflects the culture of the country; and
  2. Relevance of topic for public health nurses/health visitors in other countries.

Submit to Public Health Nursing by 1st July 2021 via website:

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