No Journals No Evidence-Based Practice (EBP): A Need for Open Access Journals to Improve the Health of Communities & Populations

Several years ago Melanie Rogers, RN, MPH, public health nurse began elevating the problem many nurses face once they are no longer affiliated with a university. When nurses complete their educational preparation they typically do not have access to peer-reviewed journals, which provide them the best research (EBP) to improve patient or community outcomes.

Melanie’s tweets, #NoJournalsNoEBP did not go unnoticed by colleagues across the globe and professional organizations like Sigma Theta Tau. Sigma Theta Tau recently launched a library access pilot project to address this very issue. For a small annual fee ($200 members, $250 non-members) nurses can access journals (CINAHL complete & MEDLINE complete with 600 plus full text journals). The short video below is a tour of the library capabilities. Contact if you are interested in the library or have more questions.

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